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The purchase of a dishwasher is a budget. To define it, we must take into account several factors, related to your real needs and technical characteristics, follow the guide...

The points that make or not, the difference in price

Contrary to what one might think the size of a dishwasher does not necessarily explain the difference in price. A 45 cm wide dishwasher is comparatively more expensive than a standard 60 cm dishwasher. In addition, the latter has a life of about 10 years against 8 years for the smallest model. So, if you have space and need 12 covers privilege the classic model, to ask.

Regardless of the type of dishwasher, models to ask return cheaper as built-in appliances that require an equipped kitchen. In the case of integrable, buying a door to be added to the budget. In general, the various security options, locks, automatic fault detection, the number of programs, directly affect prices.

But the real difference is in energy consumption. So a model very economical in energy classified A +++ will be more expensive to buy than an energy-consuming device. It is the same for the number of dB. The quieter 39 dB, is more expensive than a classic model that is between 45 and 60dB. We must therefore make calculations of profitability and reason in terms of investment. And of course keep the practical spirit.

Price ranges of the family of dishwashers

Here are indicative price ranges indicating the gap between entry-level and high-end.

Traditional freestanding dishwashers can cost between 300 and 1800 €. The average price is around 600 €.

The price of 45 cm dishwashers wide to 9 or 10 seats, oscillates between 350 and 1500 €. The average price is 500 €.

Built-in and built-in dishwashers, delivered without cladding, vary between 500 and 1500 €, the average price being 750 €.

The mini dishwashers have a fork between 200 and 500 €, the dishwasher stoves enter 600 and 1500 € and the dishwasher ovens enter 700 and 1000 €.

A special mention for the latest born of the dishwashers, which works with steam. This is zeolite, a natural mineral of volcanic origin that releases it by capturing moisture during drying. Advantage? The steam allows to take off the dried food without manual prewash. Very quiet and very energy efficient, you have to plan between 650 and 1500 € for a Steam dishwasher.

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