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Widely used in France, the farmhouse type frame is mainly known for its very good quality / price ratio.

How to estimate the cost of a farmhouse?

The cost of a farmhouse depends on several parameters:

  • The general structure of the frame, namely the number of sections,
  • The area to be covered of the building concerned,
  • The slope of the roof,
  • The layout or not of the attics,
  • The quality and the essence of the wood used.

In addition to these factors, we must add the cost of the services of a professional, ie the price of laying the framework. Indeed, only a professional is competent to ensure a mounting of the farmhouse in compliance with standards and safety instructions. The farmhouse type structure is delivered and mounted by means of a crane truck.

Average prices of a farmhouse

Here are some estimates of tariffs concerning the setting up of a farmhouse type structure:

  • The installation of the carpentry by a professional, equipment included, costs on average 140 euros per m²,
  • Excluding installation, a carpentry farm costs 30 euros on average per m².

These estimates are based on an entry level farmhouse with a low slope. When there is a large area to cover, some professionals sometimes offer wholesale rates on wood.

To compare prices and obtain the best price, it is essential to ask several quotes to professionals. These will take into account the structure of your building but also its geographical location. A professional can also take care of insulation, separations, electricity or even plumbing if you opt for convertible attic or according to your project. Do not hesitate to tell them about your overall project when you ask them, especially since they most often have a research firm to best meet your needs!

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