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When choosing a freezer, it is not always easy to navigate so much prices can vary from one model to another and misunderstanding can sometimes lead to a choice that is inappropriate to its expectations or needs. Find out here how much the different freezers on the market cost and why prices vary so much from one model to another.

How much does a freezer cost?

The least freezer on the market is the chest freezer. Count between 150 euros for the "first price" models and 900 euros for the most sophisticated models. The cabinet freezer that is the most popular model for consumers costs 200 to 400 euros for smaller models and 200 to 1000 euros for basic models. The most expensive on the market is the built-in freezer with its dimensions and its adapted ventilation system. Count between 450 and 1000 euros for the model to slide under the worktop and between 400 and 2000 euros for the built-in model in a niche. These prices are, of course, an average and they depend a lot on the chosen brand and the materials used.

What does the price of a freezer depend on?

The price of a freezer can vary a lot between a "first price" model and a "high end" model. It varies first according to the energy consumption of the device. The more it will be greedy electricity and more your freezer will be cheap and vice versa.
It is sometimes tempting to turn to the cheapest models but do not forget that a freezer runs every day of the year and around the clock and that its electricity consumption can go from single to double depending on the energy class to which he belongs. The freezing power and the autonomy of the device also affect its price. Indeed, the more efficient he will be, the more expensive he will be. Certain functions such as "super insulation", "super freezing", the thermometer or the alarm give you a certain comfort of use and also push up prices.
Different types of cold also have a cost. A static cold freezer will be cheaper to buy than a "no frost" freezer, which distributes the cold better and saves you the chore of defrosting. The quality of materials chosen for the walls, the interior elements and the door are also criteria that can explain the difference in price between freezer models.

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