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The gas cooker saves space in the kitchen as it combines a hob and oven. A gas stove can also be fed by city gas if you have the connection or a bottle of butane, but how much does a gas cooker?

Price of a gas stove

Price of a gas stove

The "classic" gas stove

Most gas stoves purchased in France have 4 burners and a gas-fired oven of city or through a bottle of butane, which allows on the one hand not to consume electricity and power use your gas stove in case of power failure.
The heat of a gas stove is set in seconds simply by turning the knob on the burner or oven.
For about 150 €, you can buy a gas stove with 4 fireplaces between 1000 and 2000W and an oven with a capacity of +/- 50 liters with natural convection (resistance placed on the top and bottom of the oven) and manual cleaning. It is obvious that the brand increases the price of a gas stove all as options.

The options of a 4-burner gas stove

  • A gas stove can have a electric convection, convection or multi-function convection oven for a gas range ranging from 250 € to 600 €. The most expensive in this range will have a cleaning of the oven by catalysis or hydrolysis.
  • The option cold door, to avoid any risk of burning even when using the oven has a cost. Count around one starting price of € 400 for a gas stove cold door all gas.
  • The ignition can be manual with a match or electronic. The price difference of an electronic ignition or manual ignition kitchen gas cooker is no longer excessive.
  • You can also have a electric plate in addition to 3 gas fireplaces starting from 300 €.
  • The size of your oven is important and will change the cost of a gas stove. Above 90 liters for the oven, you will need to go over a 5-burner gas stove see more and pay at minimum 700 € for the purchase of your gas stove.

The cooking piano: a wide range gas stove

A cooking piano is a gas stove over 90cm wide usually with 5 gas fireplaces arranged in a cross. Some models may also include a griddle or grill.
The oven is of a very large capacity or you can have up to 3 small ovens according to the models.
For this type of gas stove, you must first have an appropriate place and a budget accordingly, since Prices for gas cooking pianos start at around € 500 and can go up to more than € 10,000 or more depending on brands or models.

How much does a kitchen gas stove cost?

Type of gas cookerPrice
4 gas burners, oven> 50lStarting from 150 €
4 burners, electric ovenBetween 250 and 600 €
Cold door 4 lights all gasStarting at 400 €
3 burners + gas oven, 1 electric fireplaceFrom 300 €
Oven of more than 90lFrom 600 €
5-burner gas pianoStarting at 500 €

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