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Living in a house imagined by us, with well thought out lines and completely personalized, what a dream! A dream that one tends to judge inaccessible, because in the collective spirit, which says house of architect says necessarily luxury. To fight against this cliche, small focus on the price of a house of architect...

The price of an architect's house

The price of an architect's house

An architect's house, what is it?

If one starts from the principle (not necessarily true, besides!) That to build one's house by appealing to a builder is cheaper than an architectwhy turn to an architect for his future home?

And because the architect, unlike the builder who often provides us with pre-established plans, will build a custom home, which perfectly meets all our expectations in terms of space, volumes, organization, use.
Clearly, an architect's house is more than a house in which to live, it is a house that helps us to live better, and 100% customized according to our desires.

The average price of an architect's house

On average, an architect's house costs between 1400 and 2200 € (TTC) per square meter. It is generally estimated that from 2000 € per square meter, we are in a typical demand "luxury".
For comparison, a Phoenix house costs on average less than 1000 € per square meter, and individual home builders in 2000 €.
The price of the houses of architect
so it is not so high that we tend to think so. In addition, by calling on an architect, we can choose the materials, the equipment, the layouts...

In summary, this is the type of service which will increase (or not) the price of an architect's house. Logic: if we want a house in atypical form with a marble bathroom, over-equipped kitchen and large tile floor in a huge living room, the bill will climb!

Tips for lowering the price of an architect's house

Here are some tips to build your house by using an architect without the price of the house flies:

  • Follow the advice of his architect. It is often forgotten, but the mission of an architect is not limited to drawing the plans we have imagined; he is often very good advice for gaining space, and avoiding counterproductive arrangements.
  • Stay reasonable about the materials. Atypical materials and super-design, it is true that it is trendy and aesthetic, but it necessarily increases the total cost! Note that some architects can make us benefit from prices from their suppliers...
  • Work on our side. By choosing and consulting ourselves the companies that will intervene on the site, we can reduce the price of the house of architect.
  • Do not skimp on the quotes. To be sure not to be wrong, we multiply the quotes, and especially we ask the most detailed possible. By going through an architect, a quote will be made from the beginning to estimate all the work: it avoids unpleasant surprises!

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