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A crispy pie, a chicken gilded heart, an artistically puffed soufflé... Amateur or seasoned cooks, who could do without an oven? Of all sizes, built-in or standing, ovens come in all shapes and prices. Some precisions…

Prices and prices of kitchen ovens

Prices and prices of kitchen ovens

The characteristics that make the difference

Cookers / ovens to pose freely, are the cheapest on the market. The gas model is the least expensive to buy and more economical to use than the one that runs on electricity. In this category a stove / oven with induction hobs has a price significantly higher than a version with ceramic hob or mixed. The latter remains a good compromise in the image of the pianos of yesteryear.

The cleaning function is also a determining factor. Pyrolysis cleaning being more expensive than that by catalysis. Manual cleaning models remain the most accessible. The type of cooking also plays on the price. So the rotating heat and multifunction are more expensive than natural convection. Balance sheet: The multifunction oven with pyrolysis cleaning is the most expensive.

Finally, compact ovens, to ask remain cheaper to purchase than built-in or built-in models that require a kitchen and the purchase of an additional door, in the case of the last case. And last come on the market, the steam oven is still considered high-end, which explains the soaring prices.

The various price ranges

You can find a gas oven / stove between 100 and 600 € and an electric stove between 350 and 700 €. You have to count between 350 and 1000 € for a combination cooker and a vitroceramic plate model. Finally between 750 and 1800 € for induction hobs.

The basic mini ovens, to ask are available from 40 €. While the price range of multifunction mini ovens varies between 80 and 400 € sthe type of catalysis or pyrolysis cleaning and the rotisserie option.

Built-in ovens with manual cleaning cost between 200 and 350 €, catalytically cleaned between 300 and 500 €, by pyrolysis between 350 and 800 €.
The price of microwaves varies, depending on the number of cooking functions, between 70 and 350 €. Vapor ovens that compete with the pressure cooker are relatively expensive. You have to count between 1000 and 4000 €.

To evaluate a price, it is also necessary to take into account the added value of the various brands and the quality of the materials used. To find the ideal oven, remember to look for occasional or seasonal promotions. You can also help price comparators on the internet or contact resellers directly.

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