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Wood is a material that is easy to implement and lends itself to self-construction, craftsmanship and industry. When one is interested in wood for the frame of his house, it is natural to wonder about the price, to make the best choice.

General information regarding the price of lumber

The cost of lumber will depend on several factors:

  • The surface to cover,
  • The shape of the structure,
  • The essence of the wood used.

The budget needed to buy your lumber may vary. The professional you use for the construction of your carpentry can negotiate a price on the materials and therefore on the wood. You can then save a lot of money without compromising on the quality of your installation.

The main cost of the roof structure is attributable to the wood and gasoline chosen. For example, oak is much more expensive than fir. In addition, choosing a locally available gasoline helps lower transportation rates. If you choose a gas that is not present in France, like an exotic wood, your budget will fly.

Examples of lumber prices

Depending on the type of wood chosen, the price varies:

  • The raw pine is available from € 250 per cubic meter,
  • The douglas pine costs at least 350 € and can go up to 450 € per cubic meter,
  • The Oak, the most expensive wood, is available between 450 and 550 € per cubic meter.

In general, it is necessary to count 350 € on average the cubic meter of lumber. Wood quality also affects the price of wood. Indeed, a wood of better quality, without visual defects, is sold more expensive. Similarly, the planing of wood is not essential and can raise the price of wood.

To help you make the best choice, do not hesitate to ask a quote to several professionals in your area. You can compare the benefits but also the price of wood.

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