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Although the veranda roller shutter is an essential equipment, both to protect the glazing and the roof of the building, it is not always easy to navigate to choose the right model. Indeed, there is a wide range of products whose prices can vary considerably. How much does a roller shutter cost? How is its price justified? Explanations.

What is the price of a veranda roller shutter?

For a rolling shutter facade, the entry-level starts around the 60 euros and can reach up to 700 euros about for the most sophisticated models. Products starting around 200 euros usually offer good value for money.

The rolling shutter turns out to be a real investment, prices climbing significantly. It is advisable to provide several thousand euros for this kind of equipment.

What determines the price of a veranda roller shutter?

In addition to the function of the porch shutter, be it facade or roof, many other factors affect the price of this equipment, including:

  • Size: if it is possible to install roller shutters of standard dimensions on some verandas, for others, these must be made to measure. In addition, the larger the opening, the higher the price;
  • The material: PVC is often less expensive than aluminum;
  • The mechanismThis can be manual or electric, controlled either with a remote control or a switch. Some high-end models are also equipped with sensors so that the shutter does not require any human intervention and triggers itself according to the weather conditions;
  • Thermal performance: Like many other equipment and materials, roller shutters are categorized according to their level of insulation;
  • The installation: this is generally entrusted to a professional although it is possible to install a shutter yourself, provided you have sufficient skills.

Are there any help with installing veranda roller shutters?

Depending on the framework and the nature of the work carried out, it is possible to benefit from certain financial aid for the installation of veranda shutters, including the Sustainable Development Tax Credit (CIDD).

Nevertheless, as the regulations in this area evolve very regularly, it is advisable to inquire at one of the "point info service refurbishment point" set up by the State and / or the professional in charge of the sale and / or the installation of the equipment.

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