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We can quickly feel lost to the variety of prices offered for the purchase of a pellet stove. It is important to focus on each of the factors influencing these rates. And to avoid unpleasant surprises, we do not forget to include installation costs and financial assistance from the State.

Overall cost of the pellet stove

We meet pellet stoves from 1500 euros. An evolutionary basic cost since it takes into account parameters such as:

  • the brand of the stove (a prestigious brand will be worth around 3000 euros)
  • quality: performance, finishes and materials
  • the services offered by the dealer (after-sales service and guarantee)

The installation cost of the pellet stove must also be taken into account. It will be necessary to call on a provider to:

  • Renovation or construction of a vent
  • the connection
  • the ignition of the pellet stove

Wood pellets, a cost-effective fuel

The price of wood pellets has seen an annual increase of about 2% over the last ten years. Yet, their cost remains the most stable and profitable among all energy sources. Indeed, with equal or superior performance, wood remains the cheapest and most environmentally friendly fuel.

Average prices of wood pellets:

  • 1 pallet of 65 bags of 15kg: 290 to 330 euros (delivered)
  • 1 bag of 15kg of pellets, sold individually: 4 to 5 euros
  • pellets sold in bulk, per ton, 250 to 310 euros (delivered)

Pellet stove, what funding helps?

A pellet stove combines the two qualities essential to access the financial assistance provided by Public Finance. Recognized by the "Flamme Verte" label, this type of high efficiency stove is also environmentally friendly.

It falls into the category of work practiced for sustainable development. A tax credit can therefore be granted. It consists of a partial refund of the overall cost of installing the pellet stove.

In addition, if the stove is installed as a replacement for a polluting and less efficient heater, the zero-rate eco-loan may also apply.

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