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The price of a radiator can range from € 15 for an electric radiator or a radiator steel, up to € 2,000 for a decorative radiator. Here is an overview of the different types of existing radiators on the market.

Price of a radiator

Price of a radiator

What does the price of a radiator depend on?

In general, wall heaters have a higher price as mobile radiators. But this criterion alone is not enough. The price of the same type of radiator can vary from single to double depending on its format and design.

The price of a radiator depends on material used, its size and heating powerbut also of his technology.
In addition to the price of your radiator for purchase, we must also consider what is its consumption. This factor depends in particular on the insulation of your home. The most efficient radiator will not be able to give you full satisfaction if your home is poorly insulated and there is a lot of heat loss.

The price of an electric heater

Mobile electric radiators

They are used as auxiliary heating. There are generally three types of mobile electric heaters. However, the cheapest radiators for purchase are not necessarily the most economical futures.

  • Electric fan heaters are accessible from 15 €. These are the cheapest radiators on the market and allow to have a few extra degrees in a room very quickly.
  • The advantages of oil-filled radiators are to heat even after their extinction, not to dry out the air and to be financially accessible (between 50 and 250 €). On the other hand, they are energy-consuming and take up a lot of space.
  • The halogen or auxiliary infrared radiator can be acquired by disbursing 15 à 250 € according to the desired model.

Fixed radiators

  • Most electric radiators that radiate heat have a high price, up to € 1,000, except some radiant panels that can cost less than 100 €.
  • An infrared radiator or halogen radiator heats the walls, the people but not the air. An average budget of between 200 and 1,000 € for decorative infrared radiators.
  • Electric heaters which require a bigger budget are the radiators with inertia but the comfort and the efficiency are with go. Inertial electric heaters have a yield of almost 100%, that is to say that all it consumes is converted into heat. Depending on the technologies (dry or fluid inertia), you will have to spend between 150 and 1200 € by radiator with electric inertia.
  • Storage heaters are used to store heat to restore it later. Perfect for anyone who has a full hour / off-peak electricity subscription. A storage heater costs between 700 and 2,000 €.
  • The towel radiator is a must in a bathroom. He heats the room and at the same time the towels to snuggle after your shower or bath. Some are equipped with a blower heater for a faster temperature rise. The first electric towel rails are accessible from 80 €. The most sophisticated can easily reach 2 000 € see more.

The price of a water heater

Water radiators are associated with a boiler, a heat pump or a solar heating which heats the water, essential element for the operation of this radiator. These heaters can be cast iron, steel, aluminum and are accessible in the same price ranges as electric heaters.
The price can go from 30 à 1 000 € for a steel water radiator, from 100 to 1,000 € for a cast iron water radiator, 50 à 700 € for aluminum water radiators.
If the cast iron radiator has a higher price, it is also more reliable in the long run, and offers better inertia.

Estimated prices of the various radiators

Radiator typePrice range
Electric fan heatersStarting at 15 €
Oil bath radiators50 à 250 €
Radiant / radiant heaters80 à 1 000 €
Infrared radiators15 à 1 000 €
Inertia radiators150 à 1 200 €
Storage heaters700 à 2 000 €
Towel radiators80 à 2 000 €
Cast iron water radiator100 à 1 000 €
Steel water radiator30 à 1 000 €
Aluminum water radiator50 à 700 €

These rates are estimates and may vary depending on your needs, the desired design. Contact a professional if you wish to replace all your radiators.

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