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Installation in the new or renovation, install a new shower at a cost. The price will of course depend on the type of shower, but not only. We must also count the implementation of elements and finishes.

Price of a shower with laying

Price of a shower with laying

Prices and prices of showers

Many elements are to be considered to estimate the price of the shower. First, there is a shower tray. They are usually acrylic or ceramic and have the purpose of receiving water. They can have different shapes and be more or less flat. Amounts are between 150 and 300 euros.

The classic shower enclosure costs 200 and 300 euros. An average range goes from 300 to 800 euros. The high-end starts at around 800 euros. There are models that can fit into an angle. If you want a hydromassage shower, prices go up to 1,000 euros. And to finish a shower door is paid between 100 and 250 euros. The walk-in shower is a different concept. It is masonry and requires more work. Estimates can range from 1000 to 3000 euros depending on the model and the brand of the manufacturer.

Price of the shower pose

A simple pose by a professional plumber varies according to the type of model. For showers with receiver, it takes about 600 euros of installation. For the Italian shower, the prices are between 250 and 600 euros. The plumbing budget is not to be neglected. It is essential to have a water supply and an evacuation. If you need to consider a plumbing installation or modification, the bill will go up. In this case, the rates can go up to 1000 euros, supply and installation included.


Remain to evaluate the finishes. Walls and floors are covered for aesthetic reasons or to hide things like pipes. It is the tiles that are usually chosen in bathrooms. The qualities are variable, that's why prices are spreading from 20 to 200 euros / m² according to the type of tile. We also take into account the faucet elements: shower head or mixer tap which can be thermostatic, fixed column...

Some options of comfort raise the bill. The hydromassage shower, built-in radio, hammam function, sauna, chromatic shower (projection of lights of various colors)... Each little plus is displayed on the final bill.

Recap of the price of a shower with installation

Shower modelHt price. *
Classic showerLess than 600 €
Standard Italian showerAround 600 €
Custom Italian showerUp to € 2,000
Plumbing modification400 à 1000 €
Tile laying20 to 200 euros / m²
Recipient150 à 300 €
Classic mid-range cabin300 à 800 €
Hydromassage shower±1 000 €
Shower door100 à 250

For the removal of an existing shower, count about 100 € more.

* These prices are indicative and depend on many factors.

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