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The hydro stove, also called boiler stove or thermo-stove, is a good compromise between the wood boiler, which is much more expensive, and the oil stove, which uses expensive fuel.

Purchase of the hydro stove

A hydro stove is much more expensive than an oil stove or an electric stove but it is much cheaper than a wood boiler while having an excellent performance. count between 5000 and 8000 euros depending on model.
Know that a hydro stove represents 50% annual savings compared to an oil stove. We must also add the price of the buffer tank which will further optimize your hydro stove. Count around 1000 euros.

The hydro stove works with water radiators or underfloor heating. It is therefore also necessary to provide work to ensure the installation of the hydraulic system if your house is not yet equipped. Be aware that the hydro can also ensure the production of your domestic hot water and can help you make great savings on your heating bill.

Financial aid for the purchase of a hydro stove

Even though the hydro stove seems expensive to achaYou should know that you can benefit from state aid to help you finance your project. In fact, as part of the protection of the environment, the State encourages households to improve their energy performance by giving them a tax credit. This tax credit is valid for any heating system that uses renewable energy and whose return is significant. The hydro stove responds perfectly to these conditions since it runs on wood and has a yield of over 80% thanks to the afterburner principle. You can also enjoy a Reduced rate VAT and zero interest eco-loan.

Renewable and cheap energy

The hydro stove works withlogs or granules (pellets) Of wood. The state encourages homes to heat wood because it is an ecological and renewable fuel. In addition, be aware that wood is much cheaper than oil, gas or electricity and produces a much more pleasant heat. Wood pellets are half as expensive as fuel oil and the fumes they emit are much less harmful to health. Wood also has the advantage of not depending on the price of oil and its price is much more stable than that of fuel oil.

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