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Traditional framing is the most commonly used framing today. It is particularly popular because it allows free access to the attic of a home. What does the price of a structure include and what is the budget expected?

The elements that make the price of a traditional carpentry

To establish the budget that you will need for the installation or renovation of a traditional carpentry, call several professionals to make you estimates for the frame. You can compare the benefits and get an idea of ​​the rates in your area. In all cases, the price of a traditional structure varies according to the following parameters:

  • The shape of the roof (the particular shapes generate additional costs),
  • The surface of the roof (the price is proportional to the surface),
  • The material chosen for the roof (certain adaptations in the frame may be necessary depending on the coverage chosen),
  • The insulation material you want to use,
  • The labor rate of the craftsman,
  • Your location

A traditional frame is usually custom built. Prices vary depending on the different projects.

What budget for a traditional carpentry?

It is complicated to give a budget estimate for a traditional carpentry because each situation is unique. You can nevertheless get an idea of ​​the price of wood and the price of labor.

With regard to the price of wood for the construction of your frame, count between 70 and 90 € the m2, on average. As far as the labor rate is concerned, it depends on the regions. Currently, the hourly rate of a roofer is between 40 and 60 €.

The exact price will be indicated on a quote. The quote must contain certain information such as the estimated duration of the work, the price revision conditions and the validity period of the quote.

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