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The wood boiler is a particularly attractive heating system because of its high efficiency and the low cost of its fuel. The purchase price of a wood-burning boiler may seem high, but some aids can significantly reduce the bill.

Price of a wood boiler

Price of a wood boiler

What price for a wood boiler?

The price of a wood boiler depends on its type. It takes on average 4 000 € for a traditional wood boiler and 8 000 € for a pellet boiler.

Other factors come into play in the price of a wood-fired boiler: if the boiler has a thermostat and an automatic cleaning system; the quality of the materials used for its construction; but also its size and connection accessories.

Choose a good quality wood boiler. Ask a professional for advice: it will show you the marks of confidence, guarantees of quality of the equipment but also a powerful after-sales service.

What helps to buy my wood boiler?

If you meet the award conditions, you may qualify for a tax credit for the purchase of your wood-fired boiler. This tax credit only concerns wood boilers with the Flamme Verte label, which has been given to the most efficient and energy efficient appliances.

In addition to this tax credit, other helpers exist:

  • A reduced VAT rate
  • A grant from ANAH (National Agency for the Improvement of Housing) for low-income households
  • Grants from your area, department or city.

Study these possibilities before buying your boiler, to make sure you can benefit from one of its helpers. Your boiler installer will be able to tell you which ones are likely to affect you.

The installation of a wood-fired boiler requires a fairly high basic investment. This can be considerably lightened by the aid that currently exists.

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