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Rustic, warm or design, the wooden deck harmonizes with all home styles. Between the chosen essence and the pose, many positions intervene to calculate a cost price. Here are the criteria.

Price of a wooden terrace

Price of a wooden terrace

Terrace: the different types of wood and their price range

In slats or slats, European woods including pine are among the cheapest. It is necessary to count € 20 per m² treated pine. Disadvantage, it requires regular maintenance and treatments.

The "exotic" woods like Teak, Iroko, Ipe etc. are naturally robust and rot-proof and require no treatment. The price suffers because you have to count between 50 and 200 € the m.²

Excellent compromise: composite decking wood, constituted
50% sawdust or wood chips, and 50% PVC or polyethylene. Resistant, its average price is affordable: around € 30, m².

Other positions to consider for your wooden deck

The cost of a wooden deck depends on 3 other prices: that of decking, structure and laying.

The decking includes the wooden boards or gratings to be laid and the screws that will be used to maintain them. It is therefore sufficient to multiply the price of m² of the selected gasoline (between € 15 and € 200 per m²) by the area of ​​the terrace. To this figure is added the price of the screws: between 5 and 10 € per m².

The structure or support on which the terrace will be placed also plays on the final price. It all depends on the nature of the terrain and the chosen terrace model. Sometimes the pose ofa geotextile film is enough but most often, a support that can raise the decking 40cm is provided. Its price is between 15 and 40 € the m².

Finally, the pose is an important position. If you are a skilled handyman add between 300 and 500 € for the purchase of installation tools. In most cases, it is better to hire a professional whose rates are between 40 and 90 € the m². Do not hesitate to make several quotes. Many sites invite you.

Summary: average price of wooden terraces

Types of woodAverage price / m²
Wood terrace first priceBetween 50 € and 75 € (supply and installation)
Composite wood deckAbout 80 € (supply and installation)
High-end teak deckAbout 130 € (supply and installation)
Price for laying a wooden terraceBetween 40 € and 90 €

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