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The BSO, or sunshade orientable, is positioned outside your windows to protect you from heat and solar radiation. Features, options, installation are parameters that affect the price of a BSO. Here are some price ranges of a BSO.

Prices and tariffs for a BSO component

Prices and tariffs for a BSO component

The BSO: sunshade

The BSO looks like a Venetian blind but is specially designed for the outdoors. Depending on the desired brightness, you orient more or less the slats of your BSO. It can be horizontal or vertical. It takes a starting price of a BSO of about 200 € / m².
The horizontal BSO: suitable to cover a terrace, a veranda or to create a door awning, it can be fixed on a wall and on vertical walls or be mounted directly on feet.
The vertical BSO: installs like a shutter.
The price will obviously depend on the size and type of BSO desired. feel free to request several quotes for your BSO installation project.

The options of a BSO and tariffs

  • A BSO is designed with aluminum blades but you can have wooden blades that will have an extra cost on the sunshade. + 20% approximately for a horizontal wood BSO of 1m².
  • If you want a burglar-proof BSO, you'll have to turn to a more expensive all-metal BSO than a conventional BSO. About 500 € the all metal BSO of 1m x 1m manual.
  • The blade style as well as width are also a criterion that can vary the price: flat, hemmed, C, Z, F to choose according to the desired brightness and concealment.
  • The choice of color can also change the price of your BSO. Between 10 and 20% of surplus value.
  • The type of installation also has an impact on the price: box, recessed in the facade, laying in front or under a lintel.
  • Your BSO activates manually, electrically or fully automatically (additional cost for these last two installations). Think of ask for several quotes to professionals because their service rate can vary greatly.

Summary of the prices of a BSO:

BSO and optionsPrice
BSO with aluminum bladesFrom 200 € the m²
BSO with wooden blades+ 20%
BSO all metalAbout 500 € the BSO of 1m x 1m
Blades of colorBetween 10 and 20% of added value

Rates given as an indication.

The installation of BSO can seem expensive to you but this one leads to a saving of energy in any season since the BSO limits the heat of your interior in summer and the cold in winter especially if it is automated.

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