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Whether you are building your home or just redoing your roof, you need to think about which tiles to choose and at what price? A price study of the different roof tiles is necessary before you start.

Price of different roof tiles

Price of different roof tiles

The different types of tiles and their price

We can distinguish three models of main roof tiles.

1- The flat tile

It is found mainly in the North and in the Paris basin. Flat tile is recommended for roof slopes greater than 35°. Made of terracotta or concrete, the flat tile comes in many different colors and shapes, offering a wide choice. In addition to a perfect seal, it has a very high resistance to wind and its life is estimated at several decades.

Compared to other models, the price of flat tile is the most expensive to m²: count 40 euros per m², excluding installation.

2- The tile channel

Called thus with reference to its form of gutter, one finds it essentially in the south of France but also in Vendée. The tile channel also offers a large variation of colors. His pose is very easy and his aesthetic side is one of his main assets.

The price of the tile channel represents the best value for money. Its price is at around 30 euros per m², excluding installation.

3- The mechanical tile or interlocking tile

This type of brick is easy to install thanks to a simple sliding and interlocking system. It is found mainly in the North, Picardy or Normandy. This interlocking system gives it a very good seal. It also enhances the stability and therefore the longevity of your roof.

The price of the mechanical tile remains the most affordable per m² with a price range from 10 euros to 30 euros, excluding installation.

The photovoltaic tile: a high-tech innovation

Ecologic, photovoltaic tiles are alternatives to solar panels. Their installation requires technical expertise from the professional roofer to turn the sun's energy into electricity. However, these tiles are aesthetic, integrate perfectly with the roof does not require any transformation of the configuration of the roof.

Count between 1,000 euros and 2,000 euros per m² for the installation of photovoltaic tiles. A single photovoltaic tile can cost up to 400 euros.

Is there a free choice?

Not really! Indeed, regulations exist according to regions. Restrictions can also come from the communes. If you are in the perimeter of a historical monument for example, constraints may be imposed on you in order not to distort the landscape. Before changing the roof, it is advisable to take information from the municipality and the SADP (departmental service of architecture and heritage).

Summary of prices of different roof tiles

Types of roof tilesApproximate price per m² excluding installation
Flat roof tile40 euros / m²
Tile canal30 euros / m²
Mechanical or interlocking roof tileBetween 10 euros and 30 euros / m²
Photovoltaic roof tileSupply and installation: between 1000 and 2000 euros / m²

All prices are given as an indication, for more details, do not hesitate to request quotes tiles.

The prices of the various roof tiles are given as an indication and vary according to the type of frame, the difficulty of access, the region, the surface... Finally, we must not forget to take into account the cost of the hand-d work for laying: count between 50 euros and 130 euros per square meter, depending on the type of roof and the tiles chosen.

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