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Small price or more expensive model, the cost of a washbasin of bathroom varies according to several criteria as its form, its matter or its mark. When buying the sink, it will be necessary to take into account all components of this price.

Price of a bathroom sink

Price of a bathroom sink

The price of the bathroom sink itself

The design of the sink, as well as the material of which it is composed, its brand of manufacture, its dimensions and the type of model to which it belongs, define its price.

The classic washbasinFrom 25 to 100 euros
The classic corner washbasinAround 40 euros
The washbasin washbasinFrom 20 euros up to more than 500 euros
The washbasinFrom 40 euros up to more than 500 euros
Built-in washbasinFrom 150 euros up to almost 300 euros
Double washbasin and double washbasinsFrom 200 euros up to almost 2000 euros

The other components of the price of the sink

  • The faucets

Mixing tap: From 50 € to 150 €

Mixer tap: From 50 € to 400 €

Timed tap: From 30 € to 500 €

LED tap: From 10 € to 100 €

  • The washbasin cabinet

Inexpensive, the price of a bathroom furniture oscillates between 25 and 150 euros depending on the material that composes it, its design and finishes.

  • The material (example of price for a basin)
CeramicFrom 30 to 100 €
PierreFrom 150 € to more than 250 €
ConcreteFrom 150 € to more than 350 €
MarbleFrom 150 € to more than 300 €
ResinFrom 150 € to more than 250 €

The price of installing the bathroom sink

The overall price of a sink installation varies according to many criteria:

  • depending on the region, plumbers' prices are not the same
  • the location of the sink is an important criterion in the specification
  • the preparation time of the surface also
  • the equipment needed to mount the sink is part of the price of the service
  • the additional "options" of the sink will be accounted for
  • the material of which the sink is made sometimes implies other billable constraints (weight)

There is usually a minimum of 150 euros for a service of this type that can exceptionally go up to 400 euros.

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