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The operation of a heat pump is complex. Its installation requires space and substantial work.

How does the system of a geothermal heat pump work?

The heat of the soil is taken by sensors buried. This heat is received by a heat pump whose role is to increase the temperature by circulation of a refrigerant to heat a housing. Comprised of a compressor, an evaporator and a pressure reducer, the heat pump supplies the radiators and the heated floors.

The first step is the capture of geothermal heat. Step two is to transfer this heat to the refrigerant that vaporizes. Then the vaporized fluid is sucked and compressed by the compressor which causes the increase in temperature. The fourth step is the transfer of steam from the fluid to the condenser exchanger to return to the liquid state. And finally the refrigerant, in liquid form passes through the regulator that will distribute the heat through the radiators or floors heating.

The sensors of the geothermal heat pump

There are three types of heat traps connected to the pump.

Horizontal sensors are placed at a depth of 60 to 120 cm. Installing these sensors requires a vast virgin area of ​​trees or construction, slightly inclined, not rocky and far from wells or septic tank. It is necessary to carry out earthworks.

Vertical sensors, installed by drilling, can only be installed after authorization from the Bureau of Geological and Mining Research in order to respect the protection of the basements. Their depth is between 80 and 120 m.

The water level sensors collect and inject water into the system. Of course, there must be a source of water such as a stream or groundwater in the basement.

Geothermal heat pump, what works to plan?

For sensor and heat pump installation work, it is necessary to have them performed by a qualified installer. The French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME) strongly recommends the use of QualiPAC qualified craftsmen.

The work will therefore involve the installation of the sensors, the heat pump and the connection of this one with your heating system.

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