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Garage door systems and their motorization

Different systems allow to move and, if desired, to motorize the garage doors, according to the configuration of the premises and according to the taste of each. The motorization greatly facilitates the maneuver. It also allows a secure opening, eliminating the need to stop the car and get off to open and close the garage door.

Control devices

  • Direct order, the simplest, is done using a key box or coding keyboard, the two systems are sometimes associated to ensure increased security.
  • Remote control is most often a radio remote control, using the standard frequency of 433 MHz, with coded modulation. In systems delivered as a kit, it is the remote control box that contains the PIN, which is entered in the memory of the opening engine control receiver from the first maneuver, carried out according to a confidential procedure.
  • Lighting control can be associated with the operation of the door or the gate (it is obligatory if the door opens directly on the public road). This control must allow time for people to enter the dwelling or leave the car, which can be achieved by a delay, but more effectively by a presence detector device.
  • An orange flashing light, mandatory for a garage door that opens directly on the sidewalk or street, is also recommended for a gate opening in an angle with very limited visibility for passersby. Its operation is necessarily linked to that of the opening mechanism, because the fire must remain lit from the beginning of opening the door until it is completely closed.

Opening systems: overhead door

tilting garage door scheme

Tilting door system

The motorization is linear, by jack, chain or rack and pinion, requiring moderate maneuvering power. This is the simplest and most widespread system: it allows motorization of medium heavy doors.

Sectional door

sectional garage door scheme

Sectional door system

The maneuver is particularly gentle and not very noisy. This system is motorisable by linear drive preferably to a rotary system. It is the ultimate engine but the door must be able to deploy on the entire ceiling of the garage.

Rolling door

rolling garage door pattern

Roll-up door system

This system, drivable by a rotation drive, has the advantage of completely clearing the ceiling height and is suitable for garages of low height.

French door

French garage door scheme

French door system

Not very widespread, this system requires a delicate motorization, requiring high power because of its high wind, especially if it is metallic.

The electric control circuit

  • All electrical equipment which constitute the engine system must be powered by a circuit reserved for this purpose, that is to say without any switch or socket. This circuit always has three conductors (phase + neutral + ground) and is protected by a differential switch or a division circuit breaker placed on the subscriber board.
  • Protection against lightning and electromagnetic interference must be ensured whenever the system is installed in an area where this type of disturbance is quite frequent, and in particular: near a high-voltage power line, under the axis of descent of planes to an airstrip, in the immediate vicinity of a heat treatment or electroplating plant.

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