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What administrative steps should you take before starting your work? We take stock of the preliminary declaration of work.

The preliminary declaration of works

The preliminary declaration of works

In which case should I make a declaration of work?

You must make a declaration of work in the following cases:

  • Your work create a floor area (or footprint) greater than 5 m2 and less than 20 m2.
  • Your work concerns the change of destination of a local, for example, the rehabilitation of a commercial space in residential housing (without modification of the supporting structures or the facade).
  • Your work consists of change the initial appearance building (adding a window, painting the facade...).

How to make my preliminary declaration of work?

There are different forms depending on the type of work. The most common is the cerfa form n° 13703 * 03. Cerfa No. 13404 * 03 should be used if your work does not involve a detached house. Several fields must be completed, including your contact details, details about your land, the nature of the project, etc. You will also need to attach supporting documents to your file (site plan, etc.).

Send your file (form and supporting documents required) in two copies, by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt at the town hall of the municipality where the land is located. You can also file the file in two copies directly to the town hall. Additional copies may be needed.

If your prior declaration is accepted, you have 2 years to start the work, and they must not be interrupted for more than a year. If your prior declaration is refused, you can submit your project again to the town hall, within 2 months. In case of refusalyou can appeal to the administrative court (by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt). If you do not receive an answer, you can start your work from the date communicated to you by the town hall when you submit your file.

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