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A swimming pool is not built without a prior plan and it is essential to define its location. The first reflex is to think about comfort and aesthetics. A south facing pool, protected from the wind, located at a distance from the foliage... are certainly important points. But be careful because there is also legislation concerning the legal distances to implement: neighborhood rules, public roads and other special cases. Here's what to know...

Private pool: legal distances of implantation

Private pool: legal distances of implantation

Private pool and neighborhood rules

The first step is to ask the City Council. You will be able to consult the PLU (Local Plan of Urbanism). There are also local regulations if it is a particular sector.

If nothing is indicated, it is then the national planning regulations that are retained. In this case, you must observe a minimum distance of 3 meters with the neighborhood. This obligation is inscribed in theArticle R.111-19 of the Town Planning Code. The measurement starts from the neighbor's fence at the edge of your pool. It is a minimum, so it is advisable to extend the distance a little if possible. This distance can improve your own comfort, avoid the vis-à-vis and conflicts with neighbors. Attention, it is important to take into account the borders in your calculation.

Some distances will be dictated by logic. Nobody would go build his swimming pool on the highway! But to prevent abuse, legislation specifies mandatory distances with public roads. As for the neighborhood, you must first consult the PLU in Mairie.

If nothing is indicated, take into account theArticle R 111-6 of the Town Planning Code. The Ministry of Equipment indicates mandatory distances to be respected: it is necessary to envisage 40 meters with a motorway axis. The minimum distance is 25 meters with the national and the departmental.

These rules are to respect out of town, they do not apply inside the cities. These calculations are usually made at the time of the declaration of work or the building permit from the pool. Other cases will depend on the size of the agglomeration or passage. The rules are different depending on whether it is a communal road, a private passage or a very busy road.

Attention because if the legal distances of implantation of the private swimming pool are not respected, the court will be able to require to you to dismount the basin. If you are afraid to go wrong, you can consult an architect or a surveyor. But the best advice is to seek the advice of a professional swimming pool who will be able to advise you throughout your project.

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