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The installation of the mosaic is similar to that of the tiles: its presentation in plates makes it possible to handle it like a big tile.

Glue glass mosaic to the wall

Supplies to glue a mosaic to the wall

• Tile adhesive or adhesive mortar
• Notched spatula
• Rubber mallet
• Jointing mortar
• Plastic trough
• Rubber squeegee
• Sponge and rags

Glue a wall before laying mosaic

  • Spread the glue on the wall with a notched spatula making regular circular movements.

Collage of a mosaic plate

  • Lay the plate on the glue.
  • Press evenly on the surface to adhere all the tiles.

Mallet stamping of a mosaic plate

  • Before the glue dries, dab with a rubber mallet to obtain a perfectly flat surface.

Cut a mosaic plate

  • To reduce the size of a mosaic tile, cut the net with a pair of scissors or a cutter.

Cut mosaic tiles with parrot clip

  • Cut the tiles with a parrot clip.
  • Depending on the thickness of the tiles, this operation is not so easy.

Grout a glass mosaic plate with mortar

  • Spread the grouting mortar (previously mixed) with a rubber spatula.

Remove excess mortar from a mosaic tile with a sponge

  • Let dry, then clean the excess mortar with a damp sponge.
  • Proceed gently.

Video Instruction: Mosaic Tile Tips and Tricks ?