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I bought at Mr. Bricolage (who closed) a device to dehumidify my small bathroom whose placo had been soaked by a drain unhooked under the shower tray, the summer was not enough to dry enough walls: DHP 120 GUARANTEE 3 YEARS, it has 3 functions: humidifier, DESHU... and purifier of air. The seller told me that the guarantee would be honored by any Mr DIY. I'm not there because the device is very heavy, but the receptacle does not receive water, and remains on the light "fill" instead of "empty" and automatically the device stops... know you want this device? price balance 150 €


Thank you for your nice message.

My apologies for the response time related to the abundance of questions.

I admit I do not know specifically the device in question, but I will be happy to intervene with Mr. Bricolage if necessary.


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