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We have just received our house made by a builder and have recently a problem of water infiltration in our kitchen which is located partly above a crawl space. The site manager came to see the facts and told us that he thought the infiltrations came from the corner bays. I will rather look for a rise of water of the crawl space because the joints of tiles are wet on 1.5m long starting from the bays towards the interior of the kitchen. Can I send you photos so you can get an idea of ​​the problem?

The house is new, you must return to the manufacturer. The causes of these moisture occurrences can be multiple. The lack of tightness between joinery and structural work is very common, and the site manager seems to go in this direction. Moisture rise by the crawl space is more rare in new construction, a waterproof barrier is normally implemented at construction, at the level of foundations (arase band). Several causes may be added, it is besides the first difficulty, to arrive at establishing a serious diagnosis.

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