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In June 2012 we bought a house where the Japanese step staircase could not fit our family. An estimate of our craftsman carpenter was made the month before our move. So we dismantled the stairs with Japanese steps, and we are satisfied to live on the ground floor of the house while waiting for the installation of the new staircase... which was finally installed in September 2013, more than one year after !!! Indeed, the carpenter always rejected his arrival and remained unreachable for a long time. Only, he now claims the balance of the bill, while we notice a lack of conformity of the guard. What must we do? Pay, and attack it after? Or give in to his threats and let him take down his stairs?

This is the NF P01-012 standard that applies to railings. The space between bars or vertical elements must not exceed 110 mm wide. In the case of a guardrail placed in a staircase, the vacuum measured perpendicular to the slope must not exceed 180 mm for all the stairs between 2 elements parallel to the slope. If the guard is not up to standard the carpenter will have to carry out the work, however you should have meant this defect upon receipt of the work.You can record the balance of work (5%) with a bailiff and only give it to him when the bodyguard is finally brought up to standard, it will calm the spirits and force him to do the work quickly if he wants to be paid. If the defect of the body-to-body concerns security, you should have a good argument for your carpenter to intervene quickly... I advise you not to pay anything to put pressure.

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