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I'm painting new wooden windows, but in some places the paint is not hanging. At these places I scraped the paint, sandpapered, washed, I put paint and the phenomenon is reproduced, what should I do? It is a water mark LUXENS, white satin white, and despite 3 passages it still does not hold. Thank you

The question does not specify whether it is the painting of the inside or the outside of the windows. This point is important because the restrained painting (Luxens white satin white) is only an interior paint.
That being said, it happens that the tannin contained in certain wood species prevents the paint from sticking. It is likely that the use of a solvent-based paint (and not water), can solve this problem. This solvent-based paint can be applied as an undercoat to the problem areas, after which the waterborne paint can be applied as a second coat.

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