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I am currently building a house with the EUROMAC 2 process. When pouring concrete at the gable, hollows have formed (lack of concrete) at the level of a window lintel. Big problem, above this lintel, a beam "mistress" of the frame must be installed. Do you have a trick to strengthen the lintel, even if you want to reduce the opening?

The technique of poured concrete (casting in a mold) is not so easy to master by the amateur that the brands that offer this kind of project claim. One can not improvise self-builder overnight and embark on this kind of realization when one is a novice handyman. The savings are certainly important but the structural problems are frequent (many forums testify). In addition to the problems of the type you encounter, problems of balance are often the consequence of a realization of imperfect slab (no level), the quality of the seat being essential. The question of concrete vibrating at casting is also relevant, and I'm skeptical when some brands say it's not necessary. You bring, it seems to me the demonstration of the contrary, because it is certainly the lack of vibration that is at the origin of the "hollow" that you see.

The only solution, in your case, is unfortunately for me to drop the poorly cast lintel, after a solid shoring, and replace it with a prefabricated reinforced concrete lintel. Do not hesitate to call a professional to carry out this delicate operation if you have the slightest doubt about your abilities to carry out the operation...

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