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The water supply in my house is via a pressure reducer equipped with a mano graduated from 0 to 4 b (set at 2 b). The outlet of this gearbox separates in 2. One goes on the cold water nurse and the other on the entrance of the safety group (GS) of the electric cumulus 300 liters. When the cumulus is heating up the mano pressure of the reducer increases to reach beyond 4 b the plumber has changed the reducer but the pb remains intact. The GS dries well, but the pressure remains at the maximum in abutment against the zero of the mano (the needle has made a full turn) even after heating and this, as long as we do not open the cold or hot water on a tap. Why this phenomenon of counter pressure? Is the GS malfunctioning (non-return valve) what are the risks for the upstream and downstream installation of the gearbox? That worries me. Can you explain and advise me?

First you have to make sure that the check valve the installation is in good condition. In general, overpressure problems in the network are settled by installing an expansion tank on the network. Finally, you do not take big financial risks by replacing the security group of the water heater...

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