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For simplicity, imagine a relay controlled by 4 pushers widely spaced. The first pusher at 50m. the relay sticks. The second 80m. the relay sticks. the 3rd pss. 150 the relay sticks. The 4th pushers. sticks the relay but it remains engaged, as if a pss. nonexistent remained active. Isolation test with megohmmeter, isol.infini. the section of the conductors 2.5 mm2. It should be known that this installation worked for 15 years without any problem. But the "Paranormal" of history, at the 3rd pss. that I disconnect, I connect a coil of R2V 3x1,5 unwound on 50m. approx. and when I put in contact the 2 conductors of the unwound end, THE SAME PHENOMENE OCCURS... the relay remains in auto maintains. How can this be explained? My two colleagues who noticed the phenomenon <> It certainly has a relationship with the length of the cables, but why after 15 years. Aging cables? But the isolation is good. For now I have no explanation despite my research. It remains only for you to "enlighten me" if not Ms. Irma, But there is another problem... Thank you for answering me. Cordially. EDDY

For me it is the relay that gets older and that tends to stick and stay stuck with the push buttons the most distant because of the pressure drop which is more important than with the closest ones. The lower the current, the more the relay will tend to remain stuck if the contacts get older (sign of end of life of the component). I advise you toinstall a new relay whose characteristics allow a good operation with the actual current level taking into account this length of cable. To determine the actual current: U = Ri and R = Resistivity x Cable Length / Cable Section. (do not confuse section and diameter.) With these lengths, the pattern is atypical, and the relay to adopt must have well-defined characteristics, consistent with the voltage drop of the longest circuit. If you do not have good electricity, consult a professional.

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