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In a villa where there are seven radiators: two in the rooms on three and a radiator on two of the dining room do not heat. If not to purge them, what happens? What can be done to fix them so they work? The boiler located in the garage is in very good working order and revised every year.

When radiators do not heat up or heat up badly, several causes are possible:

- the first and most common is the presence of air in the circuit. It is then necessary to purge the radiators to solve the problem. Just open the drain cock, wait for the air to escape, and turn off the tap as soon as any liquid in the heating circuit appears. The filling valve of the circuit must then be opened and the circuit pressure increased to approximately 2 bars;

- the second cause may be fromslush at the level of pipes or radiators that no longer heat up. This requires the intervention of a professional.

- the third cause may be a breakdown of the circulation pump. The installation works, but it is usually the radiators furthest away from the boiler that are affected by this problem.
Also check that the faucets are working properly, especially if they are thermostatic.

Finally, the boiler itself can be a cause of deficient heating. Again, the intervention of a heating specialist is required.

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