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I have a terrace with a beautiful pavement, jointed. Infiltrations under the terraces show that the seal has dropped (it's a house that is about twenty years old). The two artisans to whom I showed the terrace consider that the seal has obviously dropped at the baluster, so the periphery, and propose to redo the joints with a resin. Well. But both tell me that there is no evidence that this will solve the problem, and that there will be no leaks under the pavement, with slabs and joints become porous. Here again, they propose to me to pour a transparent resin on my tiling, on a thickness of 2 to 3 mm. This solution leaves me skeptical: as it is good for the periphery of the terrace, it bothers me for the pavement itself, because I will lose the touch of these slabs, which will be covered by a transparent layer, as if I had laid a window! Is there any product (effective!) That I could apply on the slabs and joints to make them waterproof, without creating an extra thickness?

It is true that the application of resins in your case may not have the desired effect. Try to treat your slabs with a water repellent tiling product, coupled with the application of resin on the joints. It's an operation that does not generate a lot of money and you can do it yourself. But the real solution would be to remove all the pavement to re-seal... but the cost will not be the same!

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