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During November 2014, we had our old boiler replaced by a VIESSMANN brand condensing boiler with hot water production. All is well run until March this year, following an increase in the flow of water arriving in my house the security group to give way. this is produced in the middle of the night (2 hours) when waking up, water everywhere, I cut off the water supply and shut down the boiler. I called the company to do the work, they changed the security group and tested the flow of water at the entrance of my house. They tell me there is too much pressure and they need to install a pressure reducer. They claim to have this fact the same test is that the flow was normal. The same night (1:30) the safety group gives up again, water everywhere, I close the water and turn off the boiler. After having to install this famous pressure reducer all is in order except the invoice. He charges me the replacement of the security group and the manpower. Is very normal knowing that it is under guarantee. Is it normal that I pay this pressure reducer alone, it does not bring me proof that this flow test was done on the day of the installation of the boiler Thank you for advising me and sorry for the novel.

The safety group of a boiler or a balloon, does not "let go" as a result of a pressure rise: it works, that is to say it lets out the excess pressure. It's his role. If it is old or faulty, it can remain in the open position, which is a malfunction, covered by the warranty of your installer (or the manufacturer of the boiler). If the company has found excessive pressure, it should have offered you the installation of a pressure reducer before even replacing the safety group (assuming it is faulty). Concerning the possibility of a very excessive pressure, consult the contract with the water company. It usually includes the requirement for the company to provide pressure reduction to make the power supply compatible with home use. If it is determined that a large increase in pressure has damaged your safety group (which seems unlikely to me, however), you could ask for repairs. In any case the cost of this repair should not be very high (a hundred euros).

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