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We had a pellet boiler installed in June 2014 (Domusa brand BIOCLASS 15k - first generation). The contractor went bankrupt, but we went through a "certified" brand for the warranty. We still have a repetitive defect "flame detection" Repaired 10 days ago, after cleaning the burner it is left but still down the next day. It must have broken down at least a dozen times. This is a design problem dixit the repairer. To what extent can we ask for a replacement of this one, possibly by a model NG which is totally redesigned and a priori without breakdown.

The Spanish brand DOMUSA has, to my knowledge, not "failed" but probably only one of the installers posing this type of equipment. You should first contact the customer service department directly via their website.
It is generally very difficult to obtain the replacement of a boiler, except to prove a manufacturing defect. It would be the same for a car...
Contact the manufacturer directly, explain the problem, and wait for his reaction.
Asking for replacement with a newer model may be a track, but in the best case, there will always be a significant financial contribution from you. In case of no answer, unsatisfactory or negative answer, you can go to a consumer association, or directly to the court. At first, a lawyer's letter, which shows that one does not intend to "drop the case", can help to make the manufacturer react.

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