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Iron problems

The price of steam irons has dropped significantly, which pushes to buy another as soon as it no longer works properly. The failures are however classic and in principle easy to solve.

Repairs are possible if, of course, the carcass is not fully sealed, which unfortunately is more and more often the case.

Electrical problems

The power wire is subjected to severe test, if only because of the movements of the iron which exert a permanent traction on the connections, which end up being undone, by loosening of the cable tie however placed in the handle.

Iron problems: steam

It also happens that one passes on the wire with the iron, which ends up cooking the insulation which protects the drivers. At the slightest crackle in the handle, and as soon as the insulation is damaged, you must change the power supply wire:
- undo the plate located at the back of the handle (it is fixed by one or more screws, or simply nested);
- Unlock the screws (usually cruciform) on the wire clamp to release the feed wire.
- undo the connecting screws of the conductors and replace the wire (with another specially designed for this purpose) - tighten the electrical connection screws and those of the wire clamp, then reassemble the back plate of the handle.

Steam problems

scaling the steam circuit ends up completely neutralizing the passage of it.
The first precaution is to put in iron only demineralised water. If you do not have one at hand, a good trick is to use defrost water from the ice cube compartment of the refrigerator, or even rainwater collected.

Iron problems: steam

If you have not taken these precautions, you must descale the iron. Do not wait until the holes are completely clogged because you will have a hard time getting it back.
Proceed as follows:
- the iron being cold, uncork the holes of passage of the steam with a trombone;
- empty the iron completely by inverting it over a basin - fill it with a descaling solution (of the type that you use to descale the coffee maker) or, alternatively, a mixture of water and vinegar;
- connect the iron and let it heat in a vertical position;
- place the iron in a horizontal position, on a raised rack to allow the steam to escape freely for about thirty minutes.
It is possible, finally, that the spraying valve, located inside the iron (it must be removed completely, when possible), or the outer sprinkler, are plugged by the limestone. It must be scratched with a needle, taking care not to enlarge the spray hole.

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