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We had resin shutters installed by the company SAGA today CONFOR'M AND HABITAT we had problems of transparency at the level of the slats of these shutters after having made claim they changed the defective slats but these shutters which are guaranteed 10 years have yellowed so we were guaranteed that they would not yellow. Confor'm society and habitat does not want to know anything while they still sell SAGA products and it is still the same commercial then I would like to know if we can finally be successful I would like your opinion. Thank you for your response before the guarantee passes. cordially

The company SAGA which manufactured your shutters was put in bankruptcy and its assets taken back, but obviously not its liabilities... by the company CONFORM'HABITAT. No need to turn against the current society. On the other hand, you can probably turn against thejudiciary Administrator under the ten-year guarantee since he is the legal representative of the former company, which has now disappeared. If you took the precaution of asking forDecennial insurance certificate at the time of the installation of your shutters, you can also ask the insurance company of Saga. If SAGA was up to date with its contributions at the time of the installation of your shutters, there is no reason that the decennial does not play. If you have taken Damage Insurance, book it.

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