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MONARFLEX foundation waterproofing products

Specialized in waterproofing products for construction, MONARFLEX has a range of products particularly effective for sealing foundations and thus prevent dreaded upwelling.


This SBS type reinforced bitumen strip provides effective protection against rising capillaries. It simply takes place between two rows of breeze blocks (or other masonry blocks), at least 15 cm above the ground to ensure the protection of the basement walls against rising water and moisture from the ground.

Membrane waterproofing for foundations MONARFONDATION MEMBRANE

Membrane waterproofing for foundations MONARFONDATION MEMBRANE

This membrane (HDPE sheet with cylindrical studs and ribs) for the protection of the foundation walls of concrete or building blocks (concrete blocks) and buried walls. It has a high resistance to compression and punching, chemical agents and roots. Creating an air gap between the foundations and the membrane, it contributes to the thermal insulation of the building. Its installation requires the prior application of a bituminous waterproofing agent (RENOV'PROTEC - see below).

Pavement waterproofing for foundations RENOV'PROTEC

Pavement waterproofing for foundations RENOV'PROTEC

This bituminous coating in aqueous phase, thus without solvent, ensures the waterproofing of the foundations and the buried walls of the concrete constructions and blocks, thus protecting the crawl spaces, cellars, garages, basements against the infiltrations and the construction in general against the hair lifts. It is also used for the renovation of seals of non-accessible roof terraces, as well as for waterproofing planters. It is applied with a trowel or (after dilution) by brush or roller.

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