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A craftsman proposes to me to use quarter-round profiles (in the kind of those used to finish the corners of wall tiles of bathroom), to realize the noses of steps in tiling of an external staircase. What do you think of this solution? What do you also think of aluminum profiles for stair nosing, always in exterior tiling?

Step nosing profiles have both aesthetic and practical functions: they ensure a long-lasting protection of the edges of stair treads and prevent the foot from slipping. Special profiles for exterior tiles exist. The materials can be varied: ceramic, aluminum, wood, brass, PVC. They are fixed directly under the tile in the bed of glue and are positioned at the same level as the tiling of the riser.There are also tiles specially designed to make steps, one of which is grooved to play the role of walking nose. See our sheet TILES ON A STAIRCASE.

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