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Mechanical Programmable Switches: Connection Diagram

The mechanical programmable switch on the board, better known as the programming clock, is a very simple dial device that can be mounted on the board. The heating circuit or circuits are the most concerned by this type of device which can nevertheless act on lighting circuits or any other dedicated device (sign, for example). The time is set by rotating a knurled knob in the center of the dial, the control time slice being effected by moving segments outwards (see diagram illustrations) in 15-min sequences. It is possible to take control of programming by an on - off button on the front panel. The transition from winter time to daylight saving time is automatic.

Installation of differential circuit breakers

The programmable switch is installed on the rail of protection systems (differential circuit breaker) and control (power contactor) circuits and devices to control for the control of circuits over 16A. For circuits under 16A, additional protection is dispensed with and there is no power contactor.
The device itself is protected by a 10 A differential circuit breaker (circuit control (s) lighting) or 20 A (circuit control (s) heating.

Diagram of connection of the mechanical programmable switches

Diagram of connection of the mechanical programmable switches

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