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For some time, new modes of construction have appeared, including participatory building sites. Learn more about the concept of participatory construction and how to help with construction or renovation work.

Participatory sites: get help in your work!

Participatory sites: get help in your work!

What is a participatory project?

A participatory project, also called solidarity building site or collaborative, allows an individual to be helped for its construction or renovation work, thanks to the intervention of volunteers.
The initiator of the participative site, which is a self-builder, is designated as the project leader. It is to him that comes the heavy task of managing the progress of the project in its entirety.

For the launch of the project, it is possible to be helped by an external company or a specialized association in the field, to be guided and directed by building professionals. If necessary, training on specific construction techniques may also be provided to the project leader and his or her volunteers.
Participatory workplaces have many assets and promote, among other things, the exchange, sharing and learning of various construction techniques. It is also an opportunity to build or renovate your housing at a lower cost.

Get help with construction or renovation work

In the context of a participatory project and as a project leader, certain obligations apply, namely:

  • provide for the accommodation of participants at the site;
  • provide the various meals to the volunteers;
  • provide sanitary facilities.

In addition, it is also advisable to have a minimum of equipment to carry out all types of construction or renovation work.
In order to launch his project and find volunteers, it is advisable to start by discussing it with those around you and then post ads on sites specialized in the field of participatory building sites.

How to contribute to a participatory project?

To find a project collaborative construction or renovation, there are a number of sites that provide access to lists of participatory building sites by region.
As a volunteer, it is necessary to have a liability insurance to contribute to a participatory construction site, as well as a life accident guarantee, in order to be covered in case of incident occurring during the execution of the works.

Finally, the participant must make a commitment to the self-builder to be present on the site a set number of hours during the entire construction or renovation work.

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