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I would like to ask you a question because I know you always have good advice to give. I had an old farm renovated, in the living room dining room I sandblasted the ceiling beams, these are made of light oak, and the floor boards are pine. I would like to know if there are products to protect these beams from dust and fumes because I am told that if I treat the beams they will darken. Should I protect them or leave them as they are? Thank you for your answer A faithful listener of your show

All woods, new or old, darken with time: they skate.
Then everything depends on the appearance and the desired color. We can leave the beams rough, but they will brown with time. They can be glazed, waxed or varnished. Any treatment, even colorless, will darken the wood and / or make it more colorful.
A colorless stain can be a good compromise, in the sense that it modifies the shade of the wood, while protecting it on the surface from grease and dust.

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