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Hello: winter is coming, and when you open the front door, the cold invades your home...

So, make an SAS.

The simplest is to close the entrance or hallway especially if it is long with a curtain located about 1 m from the door.

A curtain with high ceilings is not very practical, so you can make a impost so that your curtain starts lower (at the normal height of a door) and is easier to handle.

For this impost you can use plywood and cleats, or more simply put another curtain rod at the top and a short curtain that will fulfill the role of transom, the second curtain rod just at the bottom of this small curtain just a little behind.

This will limit the entry of the cold and cut the cold of the door.

If you have more means, you can make a small outdoor veranda that will cut the cold at the front door. And in this case the SAS will be outside.

In Siberia, cold country if any, all houses have a SAS. And we, even if our country is less cold, we must save energy.

Moreover, BBC houses should normally have an SAS.

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