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Protect your pipes from the risk of frost

The cold intensifies and continues on the metropolis. This should encourage us to redouble our vigilance against freezing. If you have not taken the usual precautions (mentioned in a previous file), some pipes and outdoor faucets may already be caught by the ice. If you do not see any apparent burst, you can try to thaw them with a blowtorch or better with a hot air heat gun, to drain and cut off the power. If you are worried about a bursting of the non-visible welds or mechanical connections, turn off the power to the circuit and wait for the thaw... If you can not turn off the power, call a plumber before thawing. Little reminder: protect your water meter; if he is in a look, fill it with loose granules of polystyrene or mineral wool. Heat your water pipes as well as any fuel supplying the boiler (note that it is possible to place a heating cable in this type of insulation). Introduce an antifreeze into the central heating network.

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  • How to maintain a central heating installation?
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