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Fall is coming. Here are some tips to help your plants fight the cold with simple and effective precautions...

Protect your plants from the cold

Depending on its hardiness and its location in the garden, also depending on the presumed rigor of winter, the region and the microclimate in which they develop, some plants need more or less protection, or even wintering to shelter. Before it's too late, polish your tools and prepare your parades against the frost! First, do not wait for the first fall frosts to keep your most vulnerable boarders safe.

Treat the most fragile

Embricate the semi-hardy evergreens that you will leave in place. For mulching, use dry dead leaves, glean precious pine needles or fern fronds, to form well-ventilated screens that prevent rotting. Cut the leaves and swab the banana trees with a straw-filled sleeve. You will remove this sleeve when it will be more than 15° C. Take the dahlia tubers out of the soil, remove the soil from the roots, put them in crates on a bed of sand. Label them and bring them back. Finally, remove the papyrus from their pelvis.

Shelter the kitchen garden

Beat the artichokes and cover the leeks. Before the frosts, we can keep these by putting them in gauge, that is to say in a trench of 30 cm deep. Cover with soil until half of the barrels. Lay tunnels on the salads. And, from the first frosts, protect the feet of mash with a bed of sand and install a tunnel of culture above them.

Preserve the orchard

Barricade the fig tree. Fruit tree of the southern gardens par excellence, it can grow further north, providing it, in the winter, excellent protection against frost. Protect your base with straw boots and cover with a wintering veil or an equivalent cloth film. Finally, shelter the citrus fruit and pack the lemon tree.

In coastal regions, you can leave your cannas in the ground. Fold them down and chaff the stumps. In areas with heavy frosts, dig up the rhizomes.

Isolate the lemon tree potted by multiplying the thickness of veil around the plant and hold it with rope. Do not over-tighten the branches, but pull the sails well.

Salads fear frost: place a protective tunnel above. During the winter, it is possible to stretch a forcing veil over the plants.

Video Instruction: 3 Ways to Protect Plants from Frost and Cold Weather