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Every year, storms, wind, hail, and rainstorms can wreak havoc on roofs and coatings. What to do to protect your roof from storms?

Protect your roof from storms

Protect your roof from storms

Storm damage on roofs

In France, storms can be accompanied by high winds (whose speed can reach or exceed 120 km / h) and reach quite large areas. In addition to the wind, they are also manifested by thunderstorms and heavy rainfall. In the case where a roof displays some defects, the storms can then be disastrous on the houses. It is therefore essential to ensure that the roof is well protected in order to withstand the weather.

In the event of negligence or miscalculation of roof loads, there is a risk that the materials constituting the roof will fly away or collapse. The house is then exposed to air and water without forgetting the dangerous aspect (falling tiles, branches, gutters...). It is necessary to call a professional roofer or carpenter urgently and, in general, this professional is overwhelmed during this period. The construction of the house can then quickly deteriorate.

Protect your roof from storms: prevention

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure! ". Indeed, prevention remains the best remedy. To protect the roof, check regularly the condition of the cover to detect a possible weak point. It is then kept in mind that when a roof covering is well laid, it is more resistant.
It is then necessary to go around the house to observe every nook and do not hesitate to use binoculars to miss nothing (especially if the house is rather high). In addition to looking at the overall appearance of the roof, it is necessary to scrutinize the details, more precisely the fixings, the seals as well as the borders. Every broken tile is replaced without delay.

Beyond the tiles, it is also essential to check the various elements that adorn the roof, such as gutters, ridge, chimney or antenna / parables. This equipment must be well secured and immobile. It is also wise to observe the condition of the trees around the house and to invading branches or dead who may fall.

Every year, it is advisable to get in the habit of control the attic to make sure there are no leaks in the roof, but also to check insulation, framing and various roof elements.

Sometimes, it is necessary to undertake work to better protect the roof. In this case, it is highly recommended to call a licensed professional, be it a roofer or a carpenter.

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