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I put in my new house a wood stove (brand Koppe 7KW) for occasional heating (or for evenings by the fire). It turns out that I have only 6.5cm between the back of the stove and my wall in Placo® fireproof (pink plates) and that in the manual of stove it will require 15cm.But by design it is difficult to remove. I get to my question: What can I do against my wall so that there is no risk of overheating and fire?

The standards are the standards the recommendations of stove manufacturers must be respected... For absolute safety, it is necessary to take into account the distance, the characteristic of the partition, but also the finishing coating. Do not forget that a paint, even applied on a fireproof plate, remains a heat-sensitive paint. When the minimum distance can not be met, there are special wall protectors that reduce the space between the stove and / or the duct and the wall. (see for example the Dix Neuf system). It is unlikely, however, that you can rebuild it to 6.5 cm. Remember that your safety and that of others is at stake.

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