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I would like to install a wood stove, I have a brick duct, where must be positioned the stove the wall does not have a Placoflam® to overcome this lack and then I put DIXNEUF brand protection plates or should I redo the insulation of the wall portion? Or is there any other way to avoid cutting the wall? Thank you for the items brought.

The first question to ask yourself when installing a wood stove is whether or not you need to protect the wall behind the stove from heat. Have you consulted the stove's instructions on this subject (some stove emits very little heat on the back)? In addition, some instructions contain the installation distance of the wood stove in which protection is needed.
To protect a partition or a doubling of the heat of a flue, there are many solutions of plates and panels of protection. You cite Placoflam®, a panel of which may be added to the existing plate to protect the area.
The products offered by Dixneuf are also suitable for this purpose, without the need to intervene on the composition of the wall.

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