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Also known as 0% PTZ, the Zero Rate Loan is a non-interest bearing home loan. Like the home loan, it is intended for individuals with resources that do not exceed a certain ceiling.

What conditions to obtain a 0% loan?

To qualify for the zero rate loan, you must not have been a homeowner within two years of your loan application. In according to your resources, the amount granted and the repayment term of the zero rate loan vary.

There are however exceptions: you can claim PTZ if you have a disability card (2nd or 3rd category), receive an allowance (handicapped adult or special education), or change housing following a disaster which made your housing definitely uninhabitable.

For which accommodation is it possible to subscribe a PTZ?

The 0% loan is created to finance your Principal residence. The main character of the accommodation is mandatory until full refund of the PTZ. This loan is granted for projects whose housing meets BBC standards. You must occupy your home within one year after the completion of the work, or at the latest within six years if your project is to occupy the dwelling in question after you retire.

The zero interest loan concerns the purchase or construction of a home. You can also use the PTZ to develop a commercial space for example to make your home. If you rent a HLM housing or that belongs to a SEM, its purchase can be the subject of a loan at zero rates, under certain price conditions. You can benefit from the loan with zero rate to carry out work in an old housing under conditions also.

How is the amount you can borrow for the zero rate loan calculated?

The amount that can be borrowed under the 0% loan depends on several factors:

  • The resources of the buyer,
  • The number of people in the dwelling,
  • The geographical area,
  • The type of accommodation.

The 0% loan must be supplemented by other loans to finance your real estate project (housing savings loan for example). Many exceptions or precisions exist regarding the criteria for obtaining the PTZ: inquire in your bank to know more.

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