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Not knowing the use of the remote controls of my heat pump I put the air conditioning because it was very hot. The remote was running for heating and I turned on the appliances thinking it was air conditioning. Since yesterday morning the lift pump that is under the roof makes a noise of the devil yet the air conditioning was stopped at 20 pm last night and still it snore what to do to stop it should I call a technician?

The installation of a lifting pump is foreseen when the condensates can not be evacuated in a gravitational way. Some pumps are noisier than others and sometimes humming by vibrating the ceiling (often when it is a simple plasterboard). Using the heat pump in "hot" or "cold" mode does not explain the continuous operation of this pump.
An air conditioning system is normally equipped with a general stop button (red most often), it is a solution to stop (while waiting better) the operation of the pump. It is indeed necessary to call a technician.

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