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Here is a puncher any powerful and effective material. Well studied, its pleasant design does not spoil anything. However, be aware that this ergonomics quality has a cost.

Multihammer P'7911 Multifunction Perforator by Metabo


Maker: Metabo
Reference: Multihammer P'7911
Design: Porsche design office
Power: absorbed 705 W, restored 360 W
No load speed: 0 - 1000/0 - 2800 rpm.
Maximum drilling capacity on concrete: 20 mm
Cadence strikes: 4600 min.
Typing energy per shot: 2 joules
Maximum drilling capacity on wood: 20 mm
Maximum drilling capacity on steel : 10 mm
Weight: 3.2 kg
Supplied accessories: storage box, mandrel for drills with cylindrical shank, 2 SDS drills of Ø 6 and 8 mm
Sound level: 95 dB (A) at work
Price generally found: 495 euros (eco-tax included)

Features, accessories and instructions

Getting started
The handle on the top gives this puncher a rather confusing first contact. You will feel like holding the camera upside down. Forget the old reflexes: this machine can be held handle up or down. The trigger is also very accessible in both positions.

The drill has all the usual functions: simple drilling, percussion, striking stop for chiselling and screwdriver function. The two speeds make it possible to work the various materials and to obtain the best yield for each one of them.

The chuck is equipped with the "SDS plus" system, which allows rapid drill and chuck changes without tools. The machine is delivered with a quick-action chuck for cylindrical shanks.
With a conventional puncher, the machine is usually held at shoulder height. For good drilling with this device, the manufacturer recommends placing the handle upwards: an ideal position since the machine is practically at hip height. This ergonomics is advantageous for drilling at the bottom of walls (cross the walls to pass pipes). On the other hand, on the ceiling, it is better to position the handle downwards (or to mount a mini-scaffolding). To pierce the floor, the ergonomics do not suffer from any criticism, the effectiveness of the device is never in default.

In chipping mode, there is a tendency to work the puncher against the belly to not carry his 3.2 kg at arm's length. This requires finding the right position of the auxiliary handle to properly take its support. Blowing up an old tile or clearing the stones before repointing a facade is no problem.

The screw-and-unscrew function has to be put into perspective: considering the weight of the device, your usual cordless screwdriver is much more practical for everyday work. In contrast, for the installation of lag bolts using a socket, this drill offers a useful power. In addition, it is always good to benefit from a "reverse", especially when a long drill gets stuck in the concrete at the end of drilling.


  • A presentation in box particularly careful and a general look rather successful.
  • From drilling in wood or metal to working in concrete or chiselling, the device is powerful and accurate.
  • The carbon coating associated with the aluminum is the best effect.

The lessers

  • To use the machine well, a few minutes of adaptation are necessary in order to forget its "automatisms" of handling.

Our opinion

Efficiency is at the rendezvous, as with a good perfoburineur 700 W and 2 joules of energy typing, which is usually offered between 120 and 250 Euros according to brands. It remains to convince us that the neat ergonomics and brand image of a major car manufacturer (Porsche Design) are enough to justify such a price gap.

Change drill or mandrel

Change drill or mandrel

The drill change "SDS plus" is done by simply rotating the front crown. To change the mandrel, work on the other crown then pull to extract it.

Use the tool at height

Use the tool at height

Pneumatic percussion offers excellent drilling performance. Only the maintenance of the machine from the top rout at the beginning, especially for use in height (at arm's length).

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